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DCI Group is a team of seasoned attorneys, private investigators and researchers who provide high-level, cost-effective legal and investigative services.


DCI’s licensed attorneys conduct impartial investigations of misconduct alleged at the large and small companies, non-profits, family-run businesses and professional associations. Our attorneys each earned the AWI Training Institute certificate [AWI-CH] and have a unique skill set and background to conduct investigations involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, toxic environments, family disputes, fraud, coordinated theft, kickback schemes and conflicts of interests. We are uniquely skilled at handling investigations that require interviews of former employees and external parties and in-depth social media research. 


DCI is also a licensed private investigation agency. DCI’s investigators use ethical and legal means to find admissible evidence, including competitive intelligence, hidden assets and adverse information on opposing parties during litigation, corporate internal investigations and other legal battles.  


DCI's investigative researchers also gather business due diligence and market-entry intelligenceCorporate executives, board directors and investors rely the information we collect to make well-informed decisions. Our research goes beyond the routine databases and public records, and our desktop research is supplemented with the information we learn from identifying and discreetly interviewing knowledgeable sources.

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